ISSUE Cleanup: Please reconfirm your support of Raised ISSUES (by Jan 30)

Dear DNT Team,

we have a list of RAISED ISSUES against the TPE spec:
I believe that some of the issues have resolved themselves and are no 
longer relevant.

I personally believe that the following issues can be closed. Please 
object if you disagree:
ISSUE-143: Activating a Tracking Preference must require explicit, 
informed consent from a user
STATUS: We agree that the transmitted values must always reflect a 

ISSUE-152 (edit)    RAISED    User Agent Compliance: feedback for 
out-of-band consent
STATUS: Exceptions are stored in UA and we have a "o" flag for out of 
band consent (handled elsewhere)

ISSUE-167 (edit)    RAISED    Multiple site exceptions
STATUS: We agreed that we should use iframes to handle those.

ISSUE-185 (edit) RAISED    There should not be an API for web-wide 
STATUS: I believe that the concern is resolved: While the API is 
synchronous, user agents may reconfirm user's agreement with site-wide 
exceptions before storing them in the database. We may emphasize in the 
TPE spec that this behavior is permitted and then close iSSUE-185.


Received on Monday, 21 January 2013 14:18:20 UTC