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[ALL/OEP] Minutes of 2006-01-30 Telecon

From: Elisa F. Kendall <ekendall@sandsoft.com>
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 09:39:15 -0800
Message-ID: <43E789C3.7060707@sandsoft.com>
To: swbp <public-swbp-wg@w3.org>
Present:  Mike Uschold, Chris Welty, Evan Wallace, Elisa Kendall, 
Deborah McGuinness

1. Discussion of Semantic Integration Note (Mike)
   -- updates per Galway F2F captured, requires internal review
   -- 5 core mapping constructs identified, including 
equivalentProperty, equivalentClass, sameAs,
      differentFrom, subClassOf/subPropertyOf
   -- discussion regarding whether or not this thread should be dropped, 
instead saying that anything
       with a formal basis can be useful for mapping 
   ** [Action Deb] to review -- feedback (preliminary) by 2/6, focus on 

2. Discussion of revised draft QCR note (Chris)
   -- Latest version is with Alan, since Chris' version was clobbered 
when his hard drive died in Galway
   ** [Action Elisa] to get the latest document from Alan, move to CVS 
via Ralph,

3. Discussion of Part note (Chris)
   -- Chris to get CVS installed on his new system and revise; continued
   -- Both QCR and Part note are close, will need time to get it thru 
w3c scripts, etc

4. Discussion of n-ary relations note (Chris)
   -- waiting on new pattern from Pat  -- implicitly have flight 
segments in linear order, change to add
       nextFlightSegment to make this explicit
   -- not clear how to move this forward -- Pat has the action on the 
revision to the use case ...
   -- Natasha & Alan may not have time to rewrite the use case
   -- continued

5. Discussion of Time note (Chris)
   -- Review has been completed, and revision includes feedback (we think)
   -- Could go straight to note status, Jerry should state whether or 
not it addresses all feedback
   -- Evan pointed out issue with domain language, example re: date of 
   ** [Action Evan] to email Feng on this and other outstanding action
   ** [Action Deb] to email Jerry on status, whether this should go 
directly to note once Evan's issue
        is addressed

6. Discussion of additional potential notes (Chris)
   -- Chris is working on a Fluents note, there are other good topics 
out there --
      people want to know how to do things, conclusion was to say "here 
is an approach that has been used
      successfully" rather than definitive "here is the best way"; 
audience does want recommendation

7. Speculation on what will happen to OEP in the future.  Suggestion was 
that the rechartered BP working
group will include SKOS, VM, OEP.  Discussion of some of the additional 
work members are considering
(fluents, units of measure, etc.), Chris would participate at a lower 
level of activity, Guus also, but not as chair.

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