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meeting record: 2004-12-16 SWBPD telecon

From: Thomas Baker <thomas.baker@izb.fraunhofer.de>
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 09:26:31 +0100
To: SW Best Practices <public-swbp-wg@w3.org>
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                    SemWeb Best Practices and Deployment WG
                                  16 Dec 2004


   See also: [3]IRC log.  This report based on minutes as 
   formatted by David Booth's [24]scribe.perl 1.90 ([25]CVS


          Evan_Wallace, Ralph, Tom_Baker, Jeff_Pan, ChrisW,
          Guus_Schreiber, Darren_Govoni, Natasha, Alistair_Miles, Jeremy,
          Mike_Uschold, Steve_Pepper, Deb_McGuinness

          TomA, Phil, Brian, Libby, DanBri, Lars_Marius, Fabien, Marco




     * Topics
         1. Administrivia
         2. Action Item Review
         3. TF Updates
         4. OEP TF Update
         5. VM TF Update
     * Summary of Action Items

1. Administrivia


   This is the last call before changing to regular new telecon times.
   No telecon Dec 30.  Next telecon is Jan 13 at 1800 UTC, then we will 
   keep to two-week schedule.

   PROPOSED to accept minutes of 02 dec:

   Amendments to minutes:

       Ralph: two updates: 
       -- I recorded my regrets in log.
       -- Announcement of telecon times should include dates.

       Dan Govoni: was at W3C/Boston and forgot to send regrets.

   PROPOSED (Jeremy): not enough review time for minutes, let's
   leave for next telecon (Jan 13, 1800 UTC).


2. Action Item Review

   "ACTION: fabio & new RDFTM TF members to post a short biog to SWBP list"
   "ACTION: ralph to set up a SETF mailing list, public archive and accessible"
   -- DROP: Ralph asked Phil if SETF really wants a separate
      list and proposed they simply use a [SE] tag in the Subject line.
      Action dropped; task force can raise again if needed.

   "ACTION: phil to look into setting up a wiki for SETF"
   -- DONE

   "ACTION: Phil to refine the TF terms of reference and publish as a TF"
   -- DONE

   "ACTION: Phil to contact all SETF interested parties not on the telecon"
   -- DONE

   "ACTION: David to help Alistair to publish SKOS Core first WD"

   "ACTION: guus send jeremy pointer about numeric ranges and XMLS"
   -- DONE

   "ACTION: Brian and DanBri need to talk about what need to do for
   Wordnet document to be good enough"

   "ACTION: Jeremy Clarify which parts of UML docs HP is most interested
   in reviewing"

   "ACTION: Ralph contact Steven Pemberton to clarify HTML WG's position on
   inclusion of RDF/A in their last call wd."
   -- DONE: Ralph spoke with Steven Pemberton, who unofficially said that
      as of Dec 2, HTML WG was holding last working draft for publication
      pending inclusion of RDF/A in last draft.  Are holding until this
      is completed.

   "ACTION: Ralph take up TAG-SWBP agenda CG tomorrow"
   -- DONE: Ralph says they talked about it at CG.  Not sure if TAG
      can meet with SWBPD.  Hopes that TAG will want to consult with BP
      on httpRange-14.  Not clear whether message from TAG was an offer
      to meet with us as a group or to liaise with other WGs individually
      -- apparently more the latter.  Not impossible to meet as group, 
      but more likely to meet with representative.

   Steve Pepper had asked whether we could have 4 days of
   meeting time at the Tech Plenary.  Meeting planners say
   there is not sufficient meeting-room space -- only for
   Thu-Fri of the tech plenary week.  However, BP will have
   one of the biggest rooms.  SW Interest Group will meet
   Mon-Tue.  DanBri wants to split SWIG between Tue and Thu
   so that SWIG does not conflict with other meetings (i.e.,
   to not completely overlap DAWG or SWBPD).  Wed is the
   "real plenary day".

   Question: what is SWIG?  Used to be RDF interest group
   Generally a place for users and developers (mostly) of
   RDF and OWL and rule languages.
   Has spinoff activities and task forces.
   FOAF work is related to it.

Task Force Updates

-- 3.1. OEP TF Update

   Mike: OEP had a telecon last Thursday, updated the TF
   Web page.  Alan Rector has taken over editorship of simple
   PartOf note.  Expect some new drafts before year-end for
   circulation w/in TF.  No change on units and measures.
   Waiting for ISI AC Rep to nominate Jerry Hobbs and student
   for WG participation.  Discussed whether UML work should be
   done in SETF or OEP TF; we agreed it didn't matter where
   it was done.  Happy to keep UML work in OEP as it is a
   modelling language, but will move if SETF really wants it.

   ACTION: Ralph contact Elisa Kendall re: editorship and W3C

   Guus: Message from people who have developed units and measures
   ontology.  Group from technology for agriculture, web site
   URL is on the list.

   Ralph: That email was delayed for permission to post to
   public list -- handshake system called "archive approval
   queue" makes people aware their email address will be
   public.  It has now been forwarded to list.

   "UnitDim: an ontology of physical units and quantities"
   From Rijgersberg, Hajo <Hajo.Rijgersberg@wur.nl>

   Deb: draft for time hasn't been circulated because of author
   membership questions.

   ChrisW: draft is here:

   Deb: discussion of N-ary doc: interest in updates, postings
   from Peter to our list.

-- 3.2 PORT - alistair
       Proposes that tomorrow or ASAP we turn the following
       into "first working drafts" (see summary in

       -- SKOS Core Spec

          This is a namespace doc, an overview of the
          vocabulary.  Aims to provide summary of each term -
          definition, comments, domains/ranges.  Generated from
          underlying definition of SKOS Core vocabulary --
          a human-readable version of SKOS Core.

       -- SKOS Core Guide

          The guide is human-readable intro - how to use it:
          features of vocabulary, with examples.  In the last
          telecon, we agreed to make it accessible to non-RDF
          people, but proved to be nearly impossible to write -
          would have been extremely long.  Rather, we restrict
          the scope to people who basically understand RDF,
          then if we want to present porting issues, we will
          do that in a separate doc which explains basic
          concepts (not yet written).  From there, we can
          look at developing add'nl method notes.

          Guus: Quick Start Guide in the working draft?

          Alistair: yes, fine.  "Quick Guide to Publishing
          Thesauri on the Semantic Web".  Would be happy for
          review of quick guide too.

       Guus: needs to be on agenda.  Non-TF members need to review it.
       So we need to start soliciting reviewers.  Will take a decision 
       in the Jan 13 telecon.  Start by soliciting reviewers from within
       working group - from that, we get a proposal for publication, and 
       it gets on the agenda of a WG telecon (or F2F).  Then we take 
       decision, taking reviews into account.  Between now and next call 
       we have four weeks to organize review.

       Alistair: no reviewers yet.

       Ralph: ideally reviewers from outside TF.  We presume
       the TF has consensus before proposing to the WG.

       Guus: Propose Mark van Assem, who has done thesauri

       Tom Baker volunteers to review.

       ACTION (Alistair): Send email to list, providing
       documents, suggesting timeline.  Reviews should be done
       by the Monday before the Jan 13 telecon (i.e. Jan 10).

   Guus: problem of lost messages?
   Ralph: all messages sent to list are now in archive.
   there was a delay, but as far as I can tell nothing lost.
   Ralph: hmm. Alistair thinks his message of 24 Nov was lost from
   archive; I will research that.

-- 3.3 Wordnet - skipping...

-- 3.4 XML Schema Datatypes

   Jeremy: We have version of doc with only one @@TODO.
   Not seen any review comments.  What next?  Possibly assign
   WG reviewers and invite other groups to make informal
   comments.  The other WGs I have in mind: DAWG, XSLT, Xquery,
   XML schema. Maybe Webont and RDFcore because this note is
   a comment on their recommendations.

   Guus: Need at least one reviewer from this group.

   Evan volunteers.

   ACTION: Evan will review XML Schema Datatypes before next telecon.

   Jeremy: Other groups would need time to review, so this
   implies we would publish after tech plenary.

   Subject: Next steps on datatypes

-- 3.5 Vocabulary Management TF Update

   TomB: Everyone is supposed to be putting their input into
   the Wiki or sending to me.  Have been in touch with everyone
   who has actions to input material.  Have some outside
   material on PRISM to work into the draft.  Had problems
   with the Wiki being vandalized; some parts of the draft
   disappeared, but this might have been accidental rather
   than the vandal; will compare the versions and restore.
   Several important contributions have not yet arrived,
   so the original timeline is slipping.  Hope major pieces
   will be in place by the end of the year.  By Jan 5 hope
   to be where originally hoped to be on Dec 6.

   Next step will be to move draft from Wiki and massage
   into more readable draft for discussion.  Have gotten some
   material and some convincing promises for other material.

   Guus: consider seeking other volunteers for the material
   you want.

   TomB: The people who have the actions now are talking
   about particular areas of their expertise (particular
   vocabularies).  Jim Hendler has volunteered to contribute
   even though no longer a member of this WG.  I am confident
   that the material is coming, just late.  Had hoped to have
   all this before the holidays so the rough draft would have
   been available.  The new realistic goal is to have draft
   before the 13 Jan telecon.

-- 3.6 RDF-in-HTML

   Guus: syntax will be included in final draft (probably).
   Steven Pemberton reported that last draft on Mark's plate.
   BenA says no news from HTML WG.

-- 3.7 ADTF - an ongoing effort...

-- 3.8 RDFTM (Topic Map) Task Force

   Steve_Pepper: good progress.  Working on survey of RDF/TM
   interoperability.  Second deliverable: guidelines.
   Preparing test cases for using in preparing those
   guidelines.  At moment, fairly complete editors' drafts.
   Hope to announce to wg as whole in early January.
   Feedback welcome, especially on the direction we are taking.
   We are creating docs on wiki:


   Will send these as email as well.  Goal: something "complete
   enough" in early January.

   ACTION: Ralph add RDFTM Wiki links to TF description on BP page.

   Steve: Interested in press release - a WG issue, or elsewhere?

   Guus: This is something to consider when publishing a working draft.

   Steve: Hopefully that will be in mid-January.

   Guus: Can consider press release at publication of working
   draft, or at publication of final note.  Let's discuss
   either in Jan 13 or Jan 27 telecon.

-- 3.9 Tutorial Page...

-- 3.10 Software Engineering

   Guus: Main issue is status of potential participants.
   Ralph: Jeff, [23]http://www.w3.org/2004/08/invexp.html has some
   information about W3C invited expert process.

   Jeff: Web page as further action in Task Force?  Considering
   setting up new web page on applications and topics and
   uses of ontologies in software engineering.

   Ralph: Sounds like what Demos TF is doing.

   Evan: ODM draft document deadline is Jan 10.  Can discuss
   in next telecon.

   Jeff: Meeting to discuss comments on Jan 31.

   Steve: What about non-W3C non-invited-experts from orgs
   with which W3C has official liaison?

   Ralph: A working group can have liaison with ISO, for example.
   On a working-group-to-technical-committee basis.

Summary of Action Items

   [CONTINUED] ACTION: Fabio & new RDFTM TF members to post a short biog to SWBP list
   [CONTINUED] ACTION: David to help Alistair to publish SKOS Core first WD
   [CONTINUED] ACTION: Brian and DanBri talk about Wordnet document
   [CONTINUED] ACTION: Jeremy clarify parts of UML docs HP wants to review

   [DROP] ACTION: Ralph to set up a SETF mailing list, public archive and accessible

   [DONE] ACTION: Phil to look into setting up a wiki for SETF
   [DONE] ACTION: Phil to refine the TF terms of reference and publish as a TF
   [DONE] ACTION: Phil to contact all SETF interested parties not on the telecon
   [DONE] ACTION: Guus send Jeremy pointer about numeric ranges and XMLS
   [DONE] ACTION: Ralph contact Steven Pemberton to clarify HTML WG's position
   [DONE] ACTION: Ralph take up TAG-SWBP agenda CG tomorrow

   [NEW] ACTION: Ralph contact Elisa Kendall re: editorship and W3C
   [NEW] ACTION: Alistair send timeline to list.
   [NEW] ACTION: Alistair contact Mark van Assem (Guus has address) to review PORT docs.
   [NEW] ACTION: Tom Baker to review PORT docs.
   [NEW] ACTION: Alistair send email to list, providing documents, suggesting timeline.  
   [NEW] ACTION: Evan to review XML Schema Datatypes before next telecon.
   [NEW] ACTION: Ralph add RDFTM Wiki links to TF description on BP page.


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