Logistics of Open Issues


We now have 25 open and raised issues left, but most of the easy ones
have already been done.  The key is to make sure that we get responses
from people before the end of the TPAC, so who sent in the comment
matters (in terms of turnaround time for resolution).  Here is the
breakdown by person, in order of criticality:

Krzysztof MaczyƄski (fairly responsive, but we aren't clear about his
 1 issue (ISSUE-2085), evt/event
 Erik working on this, critical to move quickly to get response

Dr. Olaf Hoffman (very responsive to comments, not available at TPAC):
 4 issues (ISSUE-2083, ISSUE-2084, ISSUE-2089, ISSUE-2093), all
animation related
 Some tricky issues, may defer some issues to SVG 2.0 Core, but should
address all we can
 Critical to respond to him this week

Cyril Concolato (very responsive, not available at TPAC)
 13 issues (ISSUE-2094, ISSUE-2098, ISSUE-2107, ISSUE-2110, ISSUE-2130,
ISSUE-2134, ISSUE-2137, ISSUE-2139, ISSUE-2140, ISSUE-2141, ISSUE-2143,
ISSUE-2145, ISSUE-2146, ISSUE-2147, ISSUE-2148, ISSUE-2150), text/i18n
 Gave good follow-up feedback on his comments, but some tricky issues
 Very important to respond to him this week, since we don't know his
availability next week

Niklas Hagelroth (very responsive, but not available at TPAC)
 1 issue (ISSUE-2055), initial focus
 Niklas is working on this, hopefully will be resolved this week

Richard Ishida (very responsive, available at TPAC)
 2 issues (ISSUE-2107, ISSUE-2110), text/i18n related
 Chris has done some work (can these be closed?)

Doug Schepers (PITA, but available at TPAC)
 2 issues (ISSUE-2152, ISSUE-2153)
 Both need discussion and resolution by the WG

There are also 40 issues pending review, which means that we have
responded, and we are either waiting on a response, or haven't yet
processed the positive response (we've received no negative responses).
 I suspect the vast majority of the pending ones are just waiting for us
to process them (since we agreed with almost every comment), and I'll go
through those today to close them out.

We also have a number of open actions, we we need finished by the end of
this weekend latest (many of them relating to the Test Suite).

Okay, guys, we're in fairly good shape if everyone pulls their weight.
If we all do our part, we will have much more breathing room after next
week.  Row, row, row!!!


Received on Thursday, 16 October 2008 16:37:36 UTC