Re: Logistics of Open Issues


First, a plea to everyone to please, please, please remember to use the
issue and action numbers in the subject line of replies to commenters
(especially the issue number).  I've had to dig through the list to find
replies for several comments, and put them into Tracker manually.  We
need to keep close track of how we are responding to issues.  Remember,
I know where you live... (well, at least what country you live in.)

Similarly, when closing issues, please explain briefly what the
resolution was, and how the responder replied (satisfied or not).  We
will need this paper trail when attempting to make our transition.
Don't close issues via the IRC interface, because we lose all context
there.  I am happy to handle closing all issues in the manner we need,
so when in doubt, just leave the issue open (or move it to
pending-review, if it's not already there).

Ok, now an update on where we stand.  I bugged several people for
responses, and more are pending.  I worked through the issues pending
review, and we now have only 13 left waiting on responses:

Mohamed ZERGAOUI/CSS (will be at TPAC)
 1 issue (ISSUE-2056)
 Declined to make requested changes (can't link to spec not in PR/Rec)

fantasai/CSS (will be at TPAC)
 2 issues (ISSUE-2057, ISSUE-2058)
 Requested changes made

Chris Peto (will not be at TPAC)
 1 issue (ISSUE-2068)
 Declined to make requested changes, but offered workaround

Manu Sporny/RDFa (may be at TPAC)
 3 issues (ISSUE-2099, ISSUE-2100, ISSUE-2101)
 Partial agreement, most requested changes made

Richard Ishida/I18N (will be at TPAC)
 3 issues (ISSUE-2102, ISSUE-2106, ISSUE-2111)
 Requested changes made, may need more discussion

Cyril Concolato (will be at TPAC)
 2 issues (ISSUE-2126, ISSUE-2142)
 Requested changes made

I also had to move one issue back to Open, ISSUE-2062 (foreignObject
refs).  It seems to be completed, but needs a coherent response to Dr.
Olaf, and to wait on his reply.

So, we now have 26 open and raised issues.

Go Team S-Venture-G!


Doug Schepers wrote (on 10/16/08 12:37 PM):
> Hi, SVG WG-
> We now have 25 open and raised issues left, but most of the easy ones
> have already been done.  The key is to make sure that we get responses
> from people before the end of the TPAC, so who sent in the comment
> matters (in terms of turnaround time for resolution).  Here is the
> breakdown by person, in order of criticality:
> Krzysztof MaczyƄski (fairly responsive, but we aren't clear about his
> availability)
>  1 issue (ISSUE-2085), evt/event
>  Erik working on this, critical to move quickly to get response
> Dr. Olaf Hoffman (very responsive to comments, not available at TPAC):
>  4 issues (ISSUE-2083, ISSUE-2084, ISSUE-2089, ISSUE-2093), all
> animation related
>  Some tricky issues, may defer some issues to SVG 2.0 Core, but should
> address all we can
>  Critical to respond to him this week
> Cyril Concolato (very responsive, not available at TPAC)
>  13 issues (ISSUE-2094, ISSUE-2098, ISSUE-2107, ISSUE-2110, ISSUE-2130,
> ISSUE-2134, ISSUE-2137, ISSUE-2139, ISSUE-2140, ISSUE-2141, ISSUE-2143,
> ISSUE-2145, ISSUE-2146, ISSUE-2147, ISSUE-2148, ISSUE-2150), text/i18n
> related
>  Gave good follow-up feedback on his comments, but some tricky issues
>  Very important to respond to him this week, since we don't know his
> availability next week
> Niklas Hagelroth (very responsive, but not available at TPAC)
>  1 issue (ISSUE-2055), initial focus
>  Niklas is working on this, hopefully will be resolved this week
> Richard Ishida (very responsive, available at TPAC)
>  2 issues (ISSUE-2107, ISSUE-2110), text/i18n related
>  Chris has done some work (can these be closed?)
> Doug Schepers (PITA, but available at TPAC)
>  2 issues (ISSUE-2152, ISSUE-2153)
>  Both need discussion and resolution by the WG
> There are also 40 issues pending review, which means that we have
> responded, and we are either waiting on a response, or haven't yet
> processed the positive response (we've received no negative responses).
>  I suspect the vast majority of the pending ones are just waiting for us
> to process them (since we agreed with almost every comment), and I'll go
> through those today to close them out.
> We also have a number of open actions, we we need finished by the end of
> this weekend latest (many of them relating to the Test Suite).
> Okay, guys, we're in fairly good shape if everyone pulls their weight.
> If we all do our part, we will have much more breathing room after next
> week.  Row, row, row!!!
> Regards-
> -Doug

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