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On Thursday, September 4, 2008, 6:42:28 AM, Cameron wrote:

CM> Erik Dahlström:
>> * Other tasks that need to be done before publication
>>   - changelog (highlevel/detailed)
>>   - ...

CM> I noticed that the MIME Registration appendix refers to a
CM> mailing list for information about the
CM> registration.  That list doesn’t seem to exist, though.  (Also it
CM> mentions Dean in there, which I guess should change to Doug.)

I checked, and the list did in fact exist, but had no archive. it was a simple mail forward (to Dean, who responded to my test).

I have asked systeam to close the 'list' and replace it with a public, archived, list - which they have now done. The list is postable to by anyone, but on first posting they have to reply to an automatic message accepting that their post be archived. This helps cut down on spam, too.

The archive is here

I will now go update that section of the spec with the new mail address.

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