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ED> * Re: Urgent: How to fix up references to XMLRIs

This is almost complete. Here are my notes on what is done and what still to do (sent since i might not get it all done before the call):

Following files need changing, FuncXMLRI -> FuncIRI and XMLRI -> IRI

$ grep -l XMLRI *.html
animate.html DONE
extend.html DONE
fonts.html DONE
interact.html DONE
linking.html DONE
multimedia.html DONE
painting.html DONE
script.html DONE
struct.html DONE
types.html DONE

XLink 1.1 move to inform ref
Add XLink 1.0 as norm ref
remove Charmod-RI (no longer rec-track) DONE

Delete references to 'characters not allowed in IRI being allowed in XMLRI' - DONE
note xlink:type optional as proposed by XLink 1.1

fix fragids and description DONE
move IRI (was XMLRI) to alphabetical order DONE

update changes.html

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