Re: Event capture

Cameron McCormack:
> While looking at my ACTION-2156 to replace mentions of DOM 3 Events with
> DOM 3 Events, I came across this paragraph in the Interactivity chapter:

I have made not exactly this change, but introduced a separate section
to discuss the implications of not supporting the capture phase:

I noticed while doing this that @phase on <listener> is ignored if it’s
specified to be "capture".  This isn’t good for compatibility with UAs
that do support the capture phase, since it means that the listener will
be registered for bubbling in a UA that doesn’t support capture, but it
will be registered for capture in a UA that does support capture.  I
think that in UAs that don’t support capture, such a <listener> will
never be triggered, just like when you call addEventListener() and pass
true as the useCapture parameter.

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Sunday, 7 September 2008 01:07:48 UTC