Event capture

Hello WG.

While looking at my ACTION-2156 to replace mentions of DOM 3 Events with
DOM 3 Events, I came across this paragraph in the Interactivity chapter:

  For all UI event-related features defined as part of the SVG language
  via XML Events or animation, the event model corresponds to the event
  bubbling model described in DOM3 [DOM3Events]. An SVG user agents is
  not required to support the event capture model from DOM3.

I think that this is saying that SVG Tiny 1.2 UAs aren’t required to
support the capture phase for any event, but I’m not certain.  For
example it says “UI event-related features”, but I think capture needn’t
be supported for an event, whether or not they are UI events.  If my
interpretation is correct, I’m going to replace this text with:

  SVG Tiny 1.2 user agents are not required to support the capture phase
  of the DOM Level 2 Events event flow model.  As such, in SVG user
  agents that do not support the capture phase, registering an event
  listener for that phase using EventTarget::addEventListener() or a
  'handler' element will never result in that listener being triggered.

And I’ll put it at the end of section 13.2 instead.

Cameron McCormack ≝ http://mcc.id.au/

Received on Saturday, 6 September 2008 10:34:56 UTC