Re: uDOM changes for Global/AbstractView/etc.

Erik Dahlström:
> Looks fine, but I have one comment:
> Looking ahead a bit, this would mean that SVGDocument::global is
> made equivalent to DocumentView::defaultView for 1.2 full/core,
> right?


> If so, then this is basically the same as deprecating
> SVGDocument::global, which seems a bit odd. Is it at all possible to
> align this so that a user agent that already supports DOM 2 Views can
> avoid having to add 'global'?

So, according to Niklas, there is content out there that relies on
'global'.  Would we really want to make it optional?  If we don’t care
about this content moving forward, we could just drop it in Core.
(To me, it doesn’t seem that useful to make it optional.)

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Saturday, 6 September 2008 01:01:52 UTC