Remove SVGGlobal::parent

As part of ACTION-2176 I’m to remove the Global interface from the uDOM
and replace it with an empty AbstractView subset, so as to fit in better
with other languages in the web platform.  However, I’m wondering
whether it’s worth including this interface and SVGGlobal::parent at
all, given that our AbstractView subset would be empty.

Checking what the (unmaintained) Window spec and HTML 5 say it seems
that they define Window::parent as being of type Window rather than
AbstractView.  (The Window interface must be implemented on the default
view object (which is an AbstractView) anyway, but this still might be a
small type niggle for compiled languages.)

Again, since this is on SVGGlobal, JSR-287 doesn’t need it.
Implementors of standalone 1.2T players: do you need SVGGlobal::parent
to be defined?



Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Wednesday, 3 September 2008 06:02:17 UTC