Remove Document::implementation and DOMImplementation from uDOM

Hello WG.

While we’re looking at things to trim back in the uDOM, how about
removing Document::implementation and also the DOMImplementation
interface?  The DOMImplementation interface subset that is included in
the uDOM is an empty interface, so it’s not useful at all.  The only
place that DOMImplementation is used is as the type of
Document::implementation.  JSR-287 doesn’t include this member.  If
someone wanted to include Document::implementation in their UA they
could do this by the usual “implementing more of DOM 3 Core than the
subset described in the uDOM” thing.

It seems in
that there was discussion that resulted in the removal of hasFeature()
from DOMImplementation, which is what the interface (and
Document::implementation) was introduced for.  So it seems to me that we
can safely remove this.



Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Wednesday, 3 September 2008 05:42:05 UTC