Re: Minutes, SVG telcon Thursday 14 August 2008

Anthony Grasso:
> F2F Agenda
>    DS: Should be focusing on test suite and edit actions on the spec
>    <aemmons> The Nuremburg F2F meeting will hosted by Examotion, and
>    will take place at their offices at insert address. Wireless and
>    wired network connectivity and video projectors will be made
>    available
>    AE: Probably wont have time to do other things
>    AG: will we have time to talk about modules?
>    AE: Maybe a quickly in the morning
>    ... only very briefly

Obviously there needs to be a large focus on getting test suite and
edits finished, but I would very much like to talk a bit about the
Layout module at some point.  I have been investigating various GUI
toolkits and markup languages recently, so I would like to begin a
discussion on what layout features we would like to include.



Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Thursday, 14 August 2008 12:23:40 UTC