Re: Progress Report on Test Coverage

On Sunday, July 20, 2008, 9:57:27 AM, Doug wrote:

DS> I took a look at 5.8.2 (switch element for "requiredFormats" and 
DS> "requiredFeatures", "requiredExtensions"); the wiki lists only 
DS> struct-cond-01-t.svg, but there are a bunch of new ones 
DS> (struct-cond-02-t.svg, struct-cond-03-t.svg, struct-cond-204-t.svg, 
DS> struct-cond-205-t.svg, struct-cond-206-t.svg, struct-cond-207-t.svg) 
DS> that seem to cover everything but "requiredFonts", which is also the 
DS> test needed for  5.8.7 ("requiredFonts" attribute test).

I just checked in struct-cond-08-t which tests requiredFonts with a single value (need another test for lists). It has four subtests. Opera 9.5beta passes all four subtests.

DS> I will try to work on these latter bits in time for Tuesday, unless 
DS> Chris (who the tests are assigned to) has already started on them.  He
DS> took more tests than I did, so I'm happy to pick them up.

Call just started so lets talk about it there.

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