Added Tests for 'switch'


As discussed, I created these new tests, struct-cond-209-t.svg and 
struct-cond-210-t.svg, described below, and updated the tests page in 
the wiki.  Cameron reviewed them, so they only need approval now.

Doug Schepers wrote (on 7/20/08 3:57 AM):
> I took a look at 5.8.2 (switch element for "requiredFormats" and 
> "requiredFeatures", "requiredExtensions"); the wiki lists only 
> struct-cond-01-t.svg, but there are a bunch of new ones 
> (struct-cond-02-t.svg, struct-cond-03-t.svg, struct-cond-204-t.svg, 
> struct-cond-205-t.svg, struct-cond-206-t.svg, struct-cond-207-t.svg) 
> that seem to cover everything but "requiredFonts", which is also the 
> test needed for  5.8.7 ("requiredFonts" attribute test).
> The next part of that test set is for the requirement, "Note that the 
> values of properties 'display' and 'visibility' have no effect on 
> 'switch' element processing. In particular, setting 'display' to none on 
> a child of a 'switch' element has no effect on the testing associated 
> with 'switch' element processing."   This should be easy to test, by 
> creating a switch where the first child that evaluates to true also has 
> display="none"... the test will be passed if the next child does not 
> render.
> The final part of this test set says, "Additionally, elements which 
> would not otherwise be rendered due to conditional processing can still 
> be referenced by 'id' (e.g. in the 'use' element or as the <XMLRI> of a 
> paint server), and will be rendered in that instantiation."  This is 
> easy to test, too... we can simply put an element and a gradient in a 
> group that shouldn't render, and reference the element with a <use> and 
> the gradient as a paint server on a rendering element; the test is 
> passed if the elements in the switch don't render, but the referring 
> elements do render correctly.

-Doug Schepers
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Received on Thursday, 24 July 2008 06:05:26 UTC