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Agenda June 15 2016 meeting

Agenda June 29, 2016 SVG accessibility task force meeting

Agenda SVG accessibility task force meeting June 22, 2016

Git issue 137

June 15th 2016 meeting canceled - regrets Rich, Leone, Amelia

Minutes, 1 June 2016 SVG Accessibility Task Force teleconference

Minutes, SVG Accessibility Task Force 29 June 2016

nested links in SVG

New SVG 2 Changes

No meeting Wednesday June 8, 2016

Please try to attend we have a couple of interesting issues today - nested links and Amelia's changes

Request for Resolution: Publication of new SVG Accessibility draft specs (was: Agenda requests, 30th June 2016 telcon)

svg-a11y-ACTION-2027: Add testable statement for blank lang

trimming whitespace in name and description calculation

Last message date: Thursday, 30 June 2016 20:54:12 UTC