Agenda April 6 SVG accessibility task force meeting

This is a Wednesday 2pm Boston time meeting  Note Boston Time shifted 1
hour a few weeks ago
Webex meeting link
irc: #svg-a11y
Meeting password: ping on IRC

Join by phone
+1-617-324-0000 US Toll Number
Access code: 645 955 799

Issue and Action Tracker
Minutes from last meeting

Round the table, news, additions for the agenda
Open Actions
Action Review

Role mapping for SVG element
HTML has different roles for the SVG element than SVG AAM
That spec does not map <svg> to any existing ARIA role
It does, however, map it to the relevant graphics-related roles in each API
(or group if no appropriate role exists)
group role

Expectations for presentational element with title child
Should role none/presentation exclude an SVG element from the accessibility
tree when the element has a title/desc

Difference between testable statements in wiki and spec
Webkit (Apple) doesn't follow the spec for name - the spec has requirements
for exposing labelledby, apple doesn't see a current need for exposing
Rich filed a bug on my request and if we agree labelledby doesn't need to
be expose we need to remove the bug

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