Re: Agenda April 6 SVG accessibility task force meeting

Regrets - I *may* be able to attend the first half, but no more.

On Tue, 05 Apr 2016 18:17:47 +0200, Fred Esch <> wrote:

> Role mapping for SVG element
> HTML has different roles for the SVG element than SVG AAM
> That spec does not map <svg> to any existing ARIA role
> It does, however, map it to the relevant graphics-related roles in each  
> API (or group if no appropriate role exists) vs group role

Is there a clearer explanation of this issue somewhere?

SVG in HTML seems to be a container element, if we want to allow it to be  
accessible, since role=img would effectively block looking inside it.

> Expectations for presentational element with title child
> Should role none/presentation exclude an SVG element from the  
> accessibility
> tree when the element has a title/desc

IMHO, not sure about title, but where there is a desc that should remain  
discoverable at least for role=presentation.


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