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[SOAP-JMS] Agenda for 2008-11-04

[SOAP-JMS] Agenda for 2008-11-11

[SOAP-JMS] Agenda for 2008-11-18

[SOAP-JMS] Agenda for 2008-11-25

[SOAP-JMS] Minutes for 2008-11-18

Added 2 more testcases and some MEP diagrams

Belated apologies for 2008-11-11

Creating testcase definitions

Editorial updates

JMS URI Scheme submission

Last Call: SOAP over Java Message Service 1.0

Minutes 2008-11-04

possible regrets for today's call.

Regrets for Tuesday 12/2 call

Regrets Meeting 2008-11-18


Unable to submit the updated draft of the URI scheme

Update to the URI draft

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