Added 2 more testcases and some MEP diagrams

Hi everyone,
I've added 2 tests (#3 and #4) to the testsuite.    Nothing 
earthshattering, just "textmessage" versions of #1 and #2.     I also 
created diagrams for the message exchange patterns and so the "meps.html" 
page now looks a little more interesting.    If anyone has comments or 
complaints about the diagrams feel free to let me know.      Note that the 
source files for those diagrams are .odg files and I used the OpenOffice 
Draw tool to do them.   I then exported them as .png files and those are 
the files referenced by the meps.html file.   Both the .odg and .png files 
are checked into CVS as binary files and live in the "testcases/meps" 

To take a look at the latest changes, open upURL  , then click the "testcases" 
link in the middle of the page.


Received on Tuesday, 18 November 2008 20:23:28 UTC