Unable to submit the updated draft of the URI scheme

When I go to the draft upload page: 

Surprise! I see this:


Your request was not processed due to the following error(s):

/The cut off time for the I-D submission was 5 PM (ET), 2008-11-03.
The I-D submission tool will be reopened at midnight, 2008-11-17/

Next step - wait until the 18th?

There is a mailing address on that page, so I sent an email, and I got 
this response:

Hi Eric,

The deadline for submitting new versions of existing drafts for IETF 73
was at 5:00 PM PST yesterday (3 November).  We will be open for
submissions again (both using the online tool and by email to
internet-drafts@ietf.org) starting 17 November.

Best regards,


Received on Tuesday, 4 November 2008 19:34:16 UTC