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[sdw] Add association between ObservingProcedure and ObservableProperty (#1412)

[sdw] Documentation and example validation CI/CT/CD (#1420)

[sdw] How should we handle associations to specialized Procedure classes? (#1409)

[sdw] Investigate impact for any proposed breaking changes (#1410)

[sdw] Merged Pull Request: fix example 51

[sdw] Merged Pull Request: remove wfs refs

[sdw] Merged Pull Request: Updated links within index.html

[sdw] Merged Pull Request: Updated WebVMT to Note

[sdw] Muddled ObservableProperty (#1415)

[sdw] new commits pushed by Iza82

[sdw] new commits pushed by lvdbrink

[sdw] new commits pushed by rjksmith

[sdw] new commits pushed by situx

[sdw] Pull Request: Fix member predicate in OWL-Time example

[sdw] Pull Request: SDW best Practices changelog

[sdw] Pull Request: Updated WebVMT to Note

[sdw] remove wfs refs (#1405)

[sdw] Review of WebVMT Draft Note (#1397)

[sdw] Should Observer and Host classes be equivalent to or superclass of Sensor and Platform? (#1408)

[sdw] Should Platform be a subclass of System? (#1411)

[sdw] Should Platform by a subclass of System? (#1411)

[sdw] Should we merge SSN and SOSA into a single namespace? (#1413)

[sdw] SOSA-OMS Alignment (#1402)

[sdw] SOSA: handle issues with ssn or ssn-ext label? (#1419)

[sdw] SOSA: madeOnHost association bad english (#1423)

[sdw] SOSA: Muddled ObservableProperty (#1415)

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[sdw] SOSA: SampleCollection (#1417)

[sdw] SOSA: what's the difference between Platform and Host? (#1424)

[sdw] Time Ontology - Missing "hasMember" object property definition for modeling proper intervals of hierarchical TRS (#1407)

[sdw] TIME: time:inXSDDateTime deprecation impact on PROV alignment and other use cases (#1421)

Closed: [sdw] Consider removing references to OGC WFS in the best practice (#1363)

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