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[announcement] keyboard nav for HTML diffs

[Bug 18908] Consider disallowing expandos on objects with a named getter but no named setter

[Bug 19988] add a [LenientFloat] to mean "ignore IDL attribute assignment or method call if a non-finite float is passed"

[Bug 20158] Unrestricted typed dictionary

[Bug 20225] don't allow overridden operations and attribute getters/setters to be invoked on descendant objects

[Bug 20361] Grammar is wrong for serializers

[Bug 20456] wrong conversion

[Bug 20477] serializer grammar doesn't expose "attribute" as a valid value

[Bug 20737] "Call the [[DefineOwnProperty]] internal method ..."

[Bug 22509] Some way to express array as readonly and fixed length

[Bug 22665] Wrong example for [TreatNonCallableAsNull]

[Bug 22808] Throw if object is constructed without new

[Bug 22845] Consider moving the overload resolution algorithm into its own section

[Bug 22859] use built-in ToUint8 etc. abstract operations

[Bug 22947] Operation functions should not have a prototype property

[Bug 23074] " If a “forEach” operation is defined, then Call..."

[Bug 23295] "attribute" serializer types missing from grammar

[Bug 23296] Serializer grammar productions missing closing ";"

[Bug 23532] Dealing with undefined

[Bug 23604] Dictionaries should always be considered optional, with null as default value

[Bug 24139] buglet in named property visibility algorithm

[Bug 24141] Consider the interaction of ArrayClass and concat()

[Bug 25048] consider whether an IDL attribute of type Promise<T> should catch exceptions and wrap them up as a rejected Promise like they are for operations

[Bug 25049] disallow nullable Promise<T> types

[Bug 25700] Missing grammar for promise type

[Bug 26112] "then that gives the optional argument its defau..."

[Bug 26190] Sequence and OpenEndedDictionary should be distinguishable

[Bug 26452] Introduce an explicit syntax for mixins

[Bug 26490] Prevent freezing/sealing objects by having [[PreventExtensions]] return false

[Bug 26944] "not return a value"

[Bug 26945] "throw an exception."

[Bug 27008] "Initializing objects from iterables" needs syntax

[Bug 27048] Allow partial enums

[Bug 27062] DOMException constructor should allow name to be supplied

[Bug 27284] Should InvalidAccessError be discouraged?

[Bug 27301] Define context variables, such as "context object"

[Bug 27557] Consider introducing a prose-friendly way to refer to enumerations

[Bug 27605] [NewObject] and Promise

[Bug 27701] Enum should be allowed to end with comma

[Bug 27732] DOMException lost some constants.

[Bug 28057] Support Promise subclass

[Bug 28244] Requiring @@toStringTag on instances may have performance implications

[Bug 29151] Clarify if assigning wrong enumeration value to an attribute should throw

[Bug 29372] Add NotAllowedError exception

[Bug 29384] Remove [Unforgeable] for interfaces

[Bug 29388] Attribute to prevent calls to function passing TypedArray w/ backing SharedArrayBuffer

[Bug 29421] Should getters on a global without an explicit 'this' really throw TypeError?

[Bug 29450] perform a security check does not need realm argument

[geometry] DOMRectReadOnly serializer

[psa] Added a preview and html diff bot to GitHub

JSON-serializable object

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