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Slides introducing Solid Melvin Carvalho (Tuesday, 25 October)

Lost Email - 'Data by Design' concept - Re: WPWG On NOT abandoning the CG specs (was Re: Update on Web Payments Working Group) Timothy Holborn (Monday, 24 October) Tool -- OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer Kingsley Idehen (Friday, 21 October)

RDF + DHT Timothy Holborn (Thursday, 20 October)

Creating Group URIs Melvin Carvalho (Sunday, 16 October)

Rebooting the web of trust Melvin Carvalho (Monday, 10 October)

Schema Markup Documents ie: .bot files Timothy Holborn (Tuesday, 4 October)

CfK (Call for Karaoke) NLP&DBpedia workshop Erp, M.G.J. van (Tuesday, 4 October)

Re: LDP Next Community Group Status Update Timothy Holborn (Monday, 3 October)

Read Write Web — Q3 Summary — 2016 [via Read Write Web Community Group] W3C Community Development Team (Sunday, 2 October)

Ideas for a possible framework Sebastian Samaruga (Saturday, 1 October)

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