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12:15 - 12:45 (CET) Replay : An Insight, An Idea with with Tim Berners-Lee

[Virtuoso-users] WebSchemas, and W3C

CFP - 1st International Workshop on Semantics for Biodiversity (S4BioDiv'13) @ ESWC, Montpellier, May 2013

CfP: Services and Applications over Linked APIs and Data (ESWC workshop)

Facebook Graph Search Beta

Fwd: [GNU/consensus] [RFC][SH] User Data Manifesto

Fwd: FYI: Jacob Kaplan-Moss on Persona

Google declares war on the password

JS ODS Login Dialog on GitHub

Making Your LInked Data Discoverable

Read Write Web — Monthly Open Thread — (January 2013) [via Read Write Web Community Group]

Semantic Tech Outlook: 2013

Stay in touch with me through LinkedIn

User contributed data to DBpedia, was: [ANN] Add your links to DBpedia workflow version

Using multiple protocols and identifiers for authentication and resource access

Web chat app over web sockets

WebID Interop Issues

WebSchemas, and W3C

Where Social Networks, Payments and Banking Intersect

X-editable : In-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI or pure jQuery

Yet Another Poll -- Linked Data, Semantic Web, Big Data etc. Value Prop. Clarity

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