Re: DTB status (on today's agenda)

> Dear all,
> since DTB status is on the agenda today, I basically want to clarify in 
> the call today the following issues. I was anyway a bit occupied with 
> other things, but basically, I am still stuck, as long as these issues 
> are open, because any switch on them would mean unnecessary additional 
> work on editing over the whole document (as opposed doing it in one go 
> when they are clarified).
> ==============================================================================
> 1) As for CURIEs, is [1] a proposal which woulc achieve a majority?
> I would like it. I postponed further editing before the CURIE issues is 
> solved or before at least it was discussed in the Telconf., since I 
> don't want to change everything back again, when we decide something.
> I suggest to
> PROPOSE: Adopt the CURIE proposals of [1] for RIF's presentation syntax.
> [1] Sandro's final CURIE proposal: 

As discussed, this still has the old problems that interpretation of the
macro : depends on the context and is too complex. Why not use a simple
concatenation macro and be done with it?


Received on Tuesday, 29 April 2008 17:02:55 UTC