Named Graphs / Layers / Surfaces / Doohickies added to JSON-LD

Our intent when we started JSON-LD was to leave named graphs out of the
spec. We were waiting on this group to finalize the modeling aspects of
named graphs because we didn't want to do something counter to what this
group was going to propose.

We had been pushing back on requests to add named graphs to JSON-LD for
quite some time and finally had to give in at the end because we had to
understand how named graphs might affect the syntax in the future. We
didn't want to paint ourselves into a corner. In the end, it was a
fairly benign thing to add (from a syntax perspective), so we just went
ahead and did it.

Keep in mind that we go out of our way to not mention how advanced
concepts like sharing bnode identifiers between named graphs works (or
doesn't work). In other words, we specified the syntax for naming
graphs, but have not really addressed any of the range issues since
we're waiting on the RDF WG to propose something.

Section 4.9 introduces the concept of a Named Graph in JSON-LD:

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