Re: Test 0197 / XHTML+RDFa1.1

Looking at your results some more ...

On Apr 27, 2012, at 5:57 PM, Alex Milowski wrote:

> While I generate the correct triple tested by the ASK WHERE in the
> sparql, I also generate more:
> <>	<>	<>

Note a valid triple, as <class/Person> MUST be an absolute IRI.

> <>	<>	"Gregg Kellogg"

Same, <pred/name> is not an absolute IRI.

> <>	<>	"Ruby"^^<>

dc:terms is an absolute IRI.

> <>	<>	<>

<pred/rel> is not an absolute IRI.

> <>	<>	<>

<pred/rev> is not an absolute IRI.

> My test harness checks that the graphs are the same and not that a
> specific question is answered.  That way I know I'm not getting
> incorrect extra triples.

The correct result is only the triple

<> dc:language "Ruby" .

> So... who's right for 0197?

Note that some processors implement other standards too, such as Role [1], so limiting the results can be problematic. It would be useful if the SPARQL could also say that some things should NOT exist, such as these specific other triples. If someone can figure that incantation out, we could update the expected results.


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