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Re: owl:sameAs/referential opacity Re: Can RDFstar be defined as only syntactic sugar on top of RDF (Re: weakness of embedded triples)

From: Holger Knublauch <holger@topquadrant.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2020 10:19:02 +1000
To: public-rdf-star@w3.org
Message-ID: <73c268de-b34a-5b5d-79af-ff7cffeaceb0@topquadrant.com>
I have just raised a GitHub issue to discuss details of the mapping 
between triples and URIs:



On 10/30/2020 9:54 AM, Holger Knublauch wrote:
> On 10/30/2020 8:25 AM, thomas lörtsch wrote:
>> But introducing a new node type to me feels like a much graver 
>> intervention into the RDF semantics than defining a mapping from 
>> statements to IRIs. 
> Yes exactly. We are all thinking out loud here and the outcome is 
> likely going to be some glued-on patch that isn't going to be perfect 
> from a theoretical POV. But the fact that RDF is already widely used 
> and implemented is an opportunity, not a problem. Therefore, I think 
> the minor issue with the potential leakage when triple IRIs with blank 
> nodes get written to Turtle is perfectly acceptable and pragmatic. A 
> simple solution would be that the applications throw an error or a 
> warning if they encounter such triples, so going from TTL* to TTL will 
> simply not happen in practice.
> Holger
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