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Evan Goer wrote:
>> PS: RDFa community - both of these issues could have been easily avoided
>> if we had a conformance checker. Anybody want to volunteer to write one?
> If you do, please make sure it has an simple API we can hit -- we might
> want to call out strict RDFa conformance in our SearchMonkey
> ObjectFinder. :) Ditto for the Google guys and their Rich Snippets
> validator.

What kind of API would you like? Would REST-based JSON be ok? Anybody
from Google want to weigh in on what they'd want as a validator API?

So, something like:


and it would give you back something like:

      "type": "warning",
      "line": 2,
      "column": 34
      "markup": "<html ... xml:lang=\"en\">"
      "message": "The attribute version=\"HTML+RDFa 1.0\" should be
specified in the <html> element at the top of your document."
      "type": "warning",
      "line": 1745,
      "column": 65,
      "markup": "<div typeof=\"Product\">"
      "message": "Ignoring 'Product' in @typeof because it is an unknown
value. Maybe you meant to use 'v:Product'?"
      "type": "error",
      "line": 2817,
      "column": 145,
      "markup": "<img about=\"#camera\" src=\"cam3.jpg>"
      "message": "There is an error in your XHTML markup which may cause
further triples to be corrupted."
      "type": "summary",
      "message": "There are 2 warnings and 1 error in your markup."

Would that be sufficient? Or were you thinking about something different?

-- manu

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