Re: ISSUE-97: resolution from last week

Ben Adida schrieb:
> Just wanted to point you to the resolution [1] from the task force on 
> ISSUE-97, regarding XMLLiterals and namespaces. Indeed, your point was 
> correct: we should carry the xhtml namespace into the XMLLiteral. Note 
> that we resolved specifically as follows:
> "the RDFa syntax does not need any change with respect to XMLLiterals. 
> We note that the easy way to generate a valid serialization of the 
> XMLLiteral is to dump the namespaces and xml:lang into all top-level 
> elements of the xml literal, including xmlns, watching out for 
> redeclarations."
> But we do need to correct Test Case #11.

Yep, please keep in mind what I wrote in 

Johannes Koch
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