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Re: RDFa wiki

From: Steven Pemberton <steven.pemberton@cwi.nl>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 15:36:04 +0100
To: "Nathan Yergler" <nathan@creativecommons.org>
Cc: "Manu Sporny" <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>, RDFa <public-rdf-in-xhtml-tf@w3.org>
Message-ID: <op.t7yliezhsmjzpq@acer3010>

On Thu, 13 Mar 2008 15:05:16 +0100, Nathan Yergler  
<nathan@creativecommons.org> wrote:
>>  I see some rel="license" already on the page, but there is an error:  
>> the same element has two rel's.
> I wasn't aware that was a problem; surely rel isn't required to be unique

I'm afraid it is. It's an XML/SGML/HTML restriction, not an RDFa one. An  
element may not have an attribute more than once.

> how else would you assert two triples with the same predicate and  
> differing objects?

Actually, this is a subject and object with two predicates, and one of  
them (nofollow) isn't really a predicate either (it's an excrescence :-)  
http://nonofollow.net/11-reasons-against-nofollow/ ).

I would just remove the nofollow.

Best wishes,

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