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    1. Convene, take roll, review records and agenda
          + [1]RDF Data Access WG teleconference 2005-11-08T14:30Z
            ([2]local times note the time change!)
               o teleconference bridge: [3]+1.617.761.6200 code:7333
          + supplementary IRC chat: [4]#dawg
               o [5]log to appear
          + scribe: JanneS
          + roll call ([6]wg membership) regrets:
          + PROPOSED: to accept [7]DAWG Weekly -- 1 Nov 2005 as a true
          + Let's note these done without discussion: @@
          + Let's continue these without discussion: @@
          + Comments on the agenda?
Ugh... I'm drowning in comment status. Gonna have to figure out something better.
    2. next meeting: 15 Nov conflicts with XML 2005. When is the next
       time we have critical mass? note pre-AC publication cut-off of
       21 Nov.
    3. Security Considerations
          + cf [8]eric 25 Oct, [9]22 Jul comment
          + ACTION: EricP to respond to "Security Considerations"
            comment. also:
          + ACTION: KendallC to add a modified version of
            protocol editor's draft, as well as a pointer to the
            section in rq23 itself
    4. QL Conformance
          + comment: [10]W3C QA Guidelines conformance
          + discussion: up to [11]connolly 24 Oct
    5. toward SPARQL QL updated WD
          + ACTION: ericP to respond to [12]isURI poorly named. also:
               o [13]SPARQL: Error handling
               o [14]SPARQL: language tag issues
          + comment: [15]from the XML Query and the XSL WGs
          + comment: [16]format based on Unicode?
          + QL comments: [17]General Document Comments,[18]Querying the
            Dataset, [19]Semantics of queries involving named graphs,
            [20]section 2, [21]Example Errors, [22]sections 3 onwards,
            [23]twinql Retrospective
    6. issues#rdfSemantics
          + ACTION: Bijan to take a pass through the editor's draft,
            listing what will change with the new semantics
            understanding, and what will not
          + ACTION: Enrico to take a pass through the editor's draft,
            listing what will change with the new semantics
            understanding ...
               o note [24]SPARQL Semantics document Enrico Franconi
                 (Monday, 24 October)
          + ACTION Bijan: estimate impact of "abstract syntax
            entailment" etc. on WG test harness
               o for reference: [25]Oedipus test case (OWL-DL
          + ACTION: PatH to review [26]The Semantics of SPARQL
          + ACTION: PatH to sketch tests that characterize impact of
            semantics work [eta "2 weeks", i.e. 8 Nov... during ISWC.
    7. issues#wsdlAbstractProtocol
          + ACTION: DanC to notifty DAWG of WSDL response to our WSDL
          + ACTION KC: review sparql-types for xs:any weirdness, w.r.t.
            WSDL 2.0 constraints
          + ACTION: KendallC to propose revised WSDL descripton of
            SPARQL protocol
    8. Toward CR
          + cf [27]toward SPARQL CR, PR, REC, press releases...
            schedule review Dan Connolly (Monday, 3 October)
          + ACTION: KendallC to remove uses of "my" in URIs in protocol
          + [28]lc status: as of 1.34 2005/10/26 04:51:06 (there are a
            few comments newer than that):
               o 18 closed :)
               o 12 pending:
                    # 8 pending a reply from the commentor:
                      QuotedIRIref too lax , ORDER with IRIs,
                      incorrect/confusing example in 9.3, BASE IRI
                      resolution, Backslashes in string literals,
                      Please make sure the grammar is directly machine
                      consumable, acknowledge prior art, Editorial
                      comments on Last Call WD
                    # 1 where the commentor gave further editorial
                      information for consideration by the protocol
                      editor: SPARQL Protocol against QA SpecGL ICS
                    # 3 where the commentor supplies further
                      information for consideration by the WG:
                         @ Charmod conformance; my [29]OK? message has
                           a forward reference to protocol LC. Reviewer
                           asks for I18N WG review in reply
                         @ External storage of queries reminds me that
                           we owe ietf-types a review of our MIME
                           types. DaveB tried but ran into list admin
                         @ Query forms should be resources, not
                           operations [30]baker 5Sep, [31]baker 6 Sep
               o 41 open:
                    # 1 for the chair to clean up thread-state: Roman
                      Numeral test
                    # 1 that I just sent an [OK?] message about: need
                      extar information in SPARQL
                    # 3 connect to valueTesting which we just closed 25
                      Oct with actions on EricP, I think: language tag
                      issues, Error handling, isURI poorly named
                    # 8 clearly editorial:
                         @ protocol: typo and general, Style for PRE
                           boxes, Wrong SOAP namespace, WSDL comments
                           on SPARQL Protocol LC Draft, WSDL comments
                           on SPARQL Protocol LC Draft
                         @ query results: rdf-sparql-xmlres and CSS
                           styling, Query Results XML Format typo
                    # 2 connected to open wsdlAbstractProtocol issue:
                      Protocol Review and Comments, Note about WSDL2
                    # 4 clearly-substantive requests for WG
                         @ results format: SPARQL Results Format and
                           Unbound Variables, Broad application of CSS
                           hypertext pseudo-classes
                         @ QL: from the XML Query and the XSL WGs,
                           format based on Unicode?, Security
                         @ protocol: Security Considerations
                    # 5 connected to an open WG issue, rdfSemantics:
                      Barstow, pfps x3, entailment, soundness,
                    # 10 possibly substantive, possibly editorial:
                         @ QL: W3C QA Guidelines conformance,General
                           Document Comments,Querying the Dataset,
                           Semantics of queries involving named graphs,
                           section 2, Example Errors, sections 3
                              - 1 for the chair or a QL editor to check
                                that we've handled it all and send an
                                [OK?] message: twinql Retrospective
                         @ protocol: on SPARQL protocol document
    9. protocol testing update
          + ACTION: Jeen try to reproduces EliasT's protocol testing
   10. test suite maintenance
          + ACTION: EricP to fix test schema to match manifest with
            negative tests [recorded in
          + ACTION: DanC to follow up re optional test based on
            op:dateTime triple
          + ACTION DaveB: add to test suite the temperature case from
            comment on truth tables in [33]commentor's message
          + ACTION ericP: to update sop:isIRI to include the "isuri"

      [3] tel:+1.617.761.6200
      [4] irc://

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