XSD decimal syntax

 > 7. Section 3.  Decimal values cannot be written as literals.  This
 > seems like a needless limitation.  Suggest SPARQL use the literal
 > definitions in XPath 2.0.

In XPath 2.0,

   3.4 is a decimal
   3.4e0 is a double (doubles must have an exponent)

xsd:decimal is now one of the required supported types in rq23.

In the RDF world N3/Trutle/cwm and programming languages would make 3.4 a 
double; Sesame makes it a decimal.  I'm not sure where tht leaves expectations.

We could go either way.  Either have decimal syntax support, and 3.4 is an 
xsd:decimal value, or just have integer/double syntax support, requiring 
xsd:decimals to be written in long form.

Last I found of this in the archive is:


which was a default choice (leave as-is) with Eric being mildly for decimal.


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