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Simon sent the following; the computers got in the
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	Shamefacedly and much belatedly, I offer the following:
        Minutes of RDF Data Access Working
        Group(http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/DataAccess/) teleconference for
        Tuesday2004-10-19T14:30:00Z, for review.
        Supplementary chat log from irc://irc.w3.org:6665/dawg available
        Scribe: Simon Raboczi
        1. Convene, take roll, review record and agenda
        roll call
          Tom Adams
          Dave Beckett
          Kendall Clark
          Dan Connolly
          Yoshio Fukushige
          Steve Harris
          Pat Hayes
          Eric Prud'hommeaux
          Simon Raboczi
          Alberto Reggiori
          Hiroyuki Sato
          Andy Seaborne
          Jos De Roo
          Howard Katz
          Farrukh Najmi
        PROPOSED: to accept minutes for 10-12-2004 meeting
        as a true record of our meeting 2004-10-12
        RESOLVED to
        adopthttp://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rdf-dawg/2004OctDec/0132.htmwith two amendments:
        1) the re-addition of Kendall's ACTION to produce a protocol
        2) Alberto's amendments
        next meeting: Tuesday, October 26, 2004
        Tom Adams tentatively volunteers to scribe, with Alberto
        Reggiori asbackup.
        Sundry ACTIONs not warranting their own agenda:
        ACTION KendallC: expose walking tour data to SPARQL querying
        CONTINUES without discussion, ETA before F2F4
        ACTION EricP: find logistics re F2F5 at tech plenary in Boston
        28 Feb - 4 Mar (2 days).  Some WG preference to Mon/Tue of that
        EricP responds in
        28 February - 4 March 2005 (Monday - Friday)
        meetings Monday/Tuesday 28 Feb-1 March and Thursday/Friday 3-4
        Hyatt Harborside
        Boston, MA, USA
        ACTION DanC: talk with Kendall about issues list maintenance
        2. Publication of SPARQL design and Data Access UC&R
        Thanks offered to EricP, AndyS, Kendall and all.
        SPARQL Query Language for RDF
        RDF Data Access Use Cases and Requirements
        AndyS suggests another WD circa December, before the January
        EricP: W3C December holidays publishing moritorium: last request
        on20-Dec, last pub: 22-Dec
        3. Feedback on the SPARQL design
        [Fwd: Coments on first working draft of SPARQL]
        Seaborne, Andy (Sunday, 17 October)
        and a few others.
        Peter Patel-Schneider commented that "bound" is something
        procedural-- AndyS to discuss in email.
        Peter P-S raised an issue about the definition of subgraph.
        DanC suggests asking for a test case to clarify the subgraph
        ACTION: PatH review SPARQL def'ns post-publication
        ACTION Dirk: provide details about DB interfaces, re '?' and '$'
        CONTINUES for one more week -- proposed to drop if no progress
        by then
        To what extent are these issues addressed by the 2004-Oct-12
        ACTION AlbertoR: owns issue 'DESCRIBE'
        AlbertoR hasn't gone through the draft yet to be able to
        determinewhether the DESCRIBE issue is addressed by the 12Oct
        draft. AlbertoRexpects he'll take 2-3 weeks to get to it.
        AndyS believes that there is more work to be done on DESCRIBE.
        AndySintends to post to the list.  AndyS would like the retract
        the CBDsuggestion in section 11.3 of the WD because CBD is still
        ACTION SteveH: own (i.e. propose resolution to) disjunction
        SteveH on disjunction: he's currently only happy with
        patH: Disjunction is logically troublesome unless stated
        AndyS is inclined to re-include disjunction.
        ACTION SteveH: owns issue 'nested optionals'
        DaveB: end of section 5 has a nested optional example
        ACTION: Tom to send sample iTQL queries and result formats for
        subqueries vs. disjunction
        ACTION DanC: owner of issue 'yes or no questions'
        DanC said he's satisfied with the current spec, however
        Kendalldoesn't feel the current ASK definition is satisfactory.
        Eric proposed that this will be best handled with a protocol
        documenton the table next to the query lang.
        Kendall asserted the the present SPARQL ql draft satisfied him
        re:PREFIX, which he was issue owner of.
        DaveB however then raised issues with prefix: prefix can
        currentappear in two places in the grammar according to the
        production Query::= PrefixDecl* ReportFormat PrefixDecl* and
        it's not specified inwhich order repeated instances override
        each other.
        DaveB took an ACTION to illustrate prefix interaction details
        DanC requests for all to be ready to resolve next week the
        AndyS has done writing on value testing which he'd like to
        getcomments upon.
        AndyS is inclined to drop the UNSAID feature, based on it
        Kendall and SimonR both have uses within their
        respectiveorganizations for UNSAID and were reluctant to see it
        4. Web Services Constraints and Capabilities
        ACTION EricP: draft UC on overlap between RDF query and web
        constraints with respect to WS-Policy
        DaveB requested a summary of the WS requirements (e.g.
        conjunctionnow, disjunction eventually), which Eric agreed to
        Eric noted that neither policies not capabilities are expressed
        in RDF.
        5. SOURCE
        ACTION: SteveH to turn his SOURCE tests into SPARQL ones
        dawg-source-simple-* Steve Harris (Friday, 15 October)
        ACTION DaveB: Update the source section 9, add more formal
        update the examples, try to think about extra constraints as
        proposed (SOURCE ?s and ?s only in in SELECT). Look at various
        people's source test cases.
        DanC assessed that we have progress on SOURCE tests, but there's
        stillhaggling in progress on the actual definition.
        DaveB noted that the current syntax contains all the syntax for
        DanC asks whether the various different designs for SOURCE are
        indeedequivalent or not?
        SteveH replied negatively, that he can produce a test case that
        wouldbehave differently between his implementation and AndyS's.
        SteveH: Andy and I disagree
        Discussion continued on until after the meeting about whether
        thecurrent behavior in the tests was tenable (i.e. that
        returningduplicate rows in a result is different from a result
        with just onecopy of the same row)
        Meeting adjourned at 15:38:00Z.
        Recapping, for next time:
        - Dan wants us to be able to resolve PREFIX at the next
        - Andy wants feedback on his value testing material.

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