Re: R2RML: publishing the second draft

I created a UML class diagram of the R2RML syntax:

Any comments/corrections?


On 15/03/2011, at 00:25, Boris Villazón Terrazas wrote:

> Hi Souri
> On 14/03/2011 17:21, Souripriya Das wrote:
>> Latest Editors' draft (v 1.42):
>> Worked on the R2RML document to address the following issues to make it ready for publishing:
>> 	• Issue-22: added note to Sec 1.3
>> 	• Issue-24: changed "child." to "{child.}" and added a note about allowing complex join conditons.
>> 	• Issue-26: added rr:unnamedGraph IRI as a possible value for rr:graph property to indicate that the generated triples should be stored in the unnamed graph (besides storing them into specified named graphs, if any).
>> 	• Issue-31: Changed "blank node label" to "blank node identifier"
>> Issues to be addressed:
>> 	• Figures need to be consistent with the current text. (Boris, could you please upload the latest figures or send us the pointers.)
> I will upload the figures, once I update them.
> In addition, Alex is creating a new figure that describes the R2RML specification, we will send you this figure.
>> 	• Issue-28: Needs a test case. (Boris, could you please add a test case.)
> Done, in a previous "Test Cases" email.
> Boris

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