ISSUE-57 and ISSUE-72 implemented (was: Re: 2011-12-20 meeting minutes)

On 20 Dec 2011, at 18:02, Michael Hausenblas wrote:
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> RESOLUTION: Close ISSUE-72 with no action. Add an example using an R2RML view.
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Example added here:

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> RESOLUTION: Close ISSUE-57 with:
> 1 An R2RML processor is a system that, given an R2RML mapping and an input database, provides access to the output dataset.
> 2 An RDF graph that represents an R2RML mapping is called an R2RML mapping graph.
> 3 An R2RML mapping document is any document written in the Turtle [TURTLE] RDF syntax that encodes an R2RML mapping graph.
> 4 A conforming R2RML processor SHOULD accept R2RML mapping documents in Turtle syntax. It MAY accept R2RML mapping graphs encoded in other RDF syntaxes.
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Implemented in the spec  this just required changing MUST to SHOULD in the last sentence.

1 is found here:

2 is found here:

3 and 4 are in this subsection:


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