2011-12-20 meeting minutes


The minutes of today's meeting are available for review at [1] - a  
very productive meeting with resolutions as listed below.

I'd like to thank everyone in the WG for this great year 2011 and  
looking forward to REC in early 2012. For this to happen we need to  
focus on getting out the test cases and the implementation report!


[1] http://www.w3.org/2011/12/20-RDB2RDF-minutes.html

RESOLUTION: cancel telecons on 27 Dec and 3 Jan

Note: we'll resume our WG telecons on Tue 10 Jan 2012.


RESOLUTION: Close ISSUE-72 with no action. Add an example using an  
R2RML view.

Note: ACTION-180 on Richard to implement the above resolution.

RESOLUTION: Close ISSUE-57 with:
1 An R2RML processor is a system that, given an R2RML mapping and an  
input database, provides access to the output dataset.
2 An RDF graph that represents an R2RML mapping is called an R2RML  
mapping graph.
3 An R2RML mapping document is any document written in the Turtle  
[TURTLE] RDF syntax that encodes an R2RML mapping graph.
4 A conforming R2RML processor SHOULD accept R2RML mapping documents  
in Turtle syntax. It MAY accept R2RML mapping graphs encoded in other  
RDF syntaxes.


Note: ACTION-181 on Richard to implement the above resolution.

RESOLUTION: Close ISSUE-52 without further action.



RESOLUTION: Close ISSUE-53 as it has been already addressed.

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