Remaining R2RML issues for Last Call (ISSUE-55, ISSUE-57, ISSUE-58)

Three R2RML issues are still OPEN:

ISSUE-55: Nested predicate-object maps

PROPSOAL: Postpone ISSUE-55, this could be considered for R2RML 1.1

ISSUE-57: R2RML doesn't allow R2RML documents in RDF/XML syntax

As I said in another thread, there's text in the spec acknowledging the lack of consensus, and if Oracle is ok with the text then ISSUE-57 is not a blocker for Last Call.

ISSUE-58: R2RML doesn't introduce Turtle well enough

PROPOSAL: Postpone ISSUE-58, it is an editorial/didactic issue and can be addressed after Last Call

Fourteen further issues are PENDING REVIEW. I am fine with closing them all, but we'll have to see what everyone thinks after reviewing them:

In my opinion, this makes the R2RML spec ready for Last Call.


Received on Saturday, 27 August 2011 16:11:02 UTC