Please review: syntactic sugar and polishing (ISSUE-54, ISSUE-56, ISSUE-59, ISSUE-60)

I have changed the R2RML spec to incorporate four more issues. They add “syntactic sugar” or are minor usability tweaks. My hope is that they make the expression of common mappings more concise, while not making the language harder to understand or harder to implement.

ISSUE-54: Simpler constant-valued term maps

Instead of this:

    [] rr:predicateMap [ rr:predicate ex:foo ].

you now have to write one of these two forms:

    [] rr:predicateMap [ rr:constant ex:foo ].
    [] rr:predicate ex:foo.

Main changes in the text:

ISSUE-56: Default termType for template-valued term maps should be IRI

The default term type is now always rr:IRI, except for rr:column in an object map.

Main changes in the text:

ISSUE-59: Syntactic sugar for triples maps that only have a single predicate-object map

Triples maps can now have an “implicit predicate-object map”, making this legal:

        rr:logicalTable [ rr:tableName "EMP2DEPT" ];
        rr:subjectMap [ rr:template "employee/{empno}" ];
        rr:predicate ex:department;
        rr:objectMap [ rr:template "department/{deptno}" ].

Main changes in the text:

ISSUE-60: Syntactic sugar for the simple case of logical tables

Instead of this:

    <#TriplesMap1> rr:logicalTable [ rr:tableName "EMP" ].

you can now also write this equivalent form:

    <#TriplesMap1> rr:tableName "EMP".

The logical table is implied. Same for rr:sqlQuery.

Main changes in the text:

All four issues are set to PENDING REVIEW.

PROPOSAL: Close ISSUES 54, 56, 59, 60; they are addressed in the latest draft.


Received on Saturday, 27 August 2011 16:05:36 UTC