[Bug 26328] [XSLT30] Streamable and non-streamable accumulators in grounded postures


--- Comment #2 from Abel Braaksma <abel.braaksma@xs4all.nl> ---
On 4) 5)
This is actually allowed and will return the calculated accumulator.
Accumulators apply to copies of nodes. There is an ambiguity in the text that
says "documents" when it means "any tree". However, this is been tackled
elsewhere and will be covered with a disclaimer on the word "document".

New case: merging
The merge-group is grounded, even in streamed mode. This means that any
streamable accumulator cannot be used and any non-streaming accumulator will
only be applicable to the snapshot of the merge-group.

The WG has considered this and decided not to pursue allowing streamable
accumulators with merging.

The WG has considered allowing accumulator-before/after inside xsl:iterate and
xsl:for-each, but dismissed xsl:for-each-group and xsl:function for reasons of
being hard to define pre/post-descent.

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