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Earlier this year (2014-02-17), you filed Bugzilla Bug 24693, Dynamic XQuery
Module Import.  In the last paragraph of the bug report, you said:

   If the WG are interested, I would be happy to draft a new proposal about
dynamic module import for consideration.

The time for incorporating a feature like this is EXTREMELY short (basically,
it would have to be adopted at the face-to-face in just over a week), but the
WG is sufficiently interested to have requested that I ask if you are still
willing to draft such a proposal. 

I sent you a message several weeks ago to this effect, but never heard a
response, so I assumed that you had decided you didn't have the resources, but
I'm trying one last time to give you the opportunity.  (Just in case you are
not receiving my email, I'm also adding a comment to the bug that contains this

Hope this helps,

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