[Bug 24543] Supplying a streamable initial context item on a non-streamable initial mode


--- Comment #8 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
I propose we resolve this as follows:

Add the attribute streamable="yes|no" (default "no") to the
xsl:global-context-item element. If the value "yes" is specified, then (a) the
"as" attribute must take the form as="document-node()" or
as="document-node(XXX)", and (b) the select expression or contained sequence
constructor of every global xsl:variable and xsl:param declaration in the
containing package must be motionless. If the value "no" is specified, then
when the transformation is primed, the item supplied as the global context item
cannot be a node in a streamed document (the transformation API may handle this
either by disallowing such an input, or by building the corresponding tree in
memory and supplying the global context item as an unstreamed node.)

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