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[Bug 3336] [XSLT 2.0] Clarification of namespace fixup rules

[Bug 3946] [FS] Typing of processing-instructions

[Bug 4189] [FS] technical: 8.1.9 Type expansion correct?

[Bug 4273] [FS] data on element()

[Bug 4298] [XPath] "minimum" mispelled

[Bug 4352] [XDM] Typos in example schema

[Bug 4372] [Serialization] Lexical checking of doctype-public

[Bug 4373] [FO] resolve-uri() where $base is relative

[Bug 4384] [FO] $p is not defined in 15.1.10 fn:subsequence

[Bug 4385] [FO] [Typo] Extra new line and missing whitespace in 15.5.3 fn:idref

[Bug 4413] [XDM] Typed value of complex types with simple content

[Bug 4446] [XQuery] 2.3.4 Equivalent expressions

[Bug 4448] [FO] Return type of op:subtract-dateTimes, op:subtract-dates, op:subtract-times

[Bug 4486] [XDM] Missing constraint for xmlns namespace

[Bug 4487] [XDM] Missing constraint for attribute names

[Bug 4546] [XSLT] testing for namespace axis support

[Bug 4557] [Ser] How many phases of serialization?

[Bug 4709] [FT] editorial: 3.3.5 Stop Word Option

[Bug 4715] [FT] editorial: 3.5.3 Distance Selection

[Bug 4717] [FT] editorial: 3.5.5 Anchoring Selection

[Bug 4728] [FT] editorial: Semantics of FTContainsExpr

[Bug 4731] [FT] editorial: C Static Context Components

[Bug 4841] [FS] Use of fn:subsequence in relation to normalization rules for filter expressions in FS

[Bug 4843] [XSLT 2.0] Current mode is underspecified

[Bug 4855] [XPath] Undocumented incompatibility

[Bug 4856] [F&O] arithmetic on durations

[Bug 4868] [XPath] abbreviations for / and // syntactically incorrect

[Bug 4873] [XPath] What errors are caught by Castable As?

[Bug 4874] [FO] Casting NOTATION to String

[Bug 4901] [F&O] Casting between QName and NOTATION

[Bug 4949] [F&O] Suggested extension to fn:replace (first match only)

[Bug 4956] Expected results for fn-doc-23

[Bug 4962] [Ser]: Empty tag representation

[Bug 4966] XQueryX: K2-DirectConElemNamespace-17 and K2-DirectConElemNamespace-18

[Bug 4974] [FO] Clarify error condition in fn:normalize-space()

[Bug 5066] [Ser] Typo in xhtml media type

[Bug 5180] [UPD] revalidating something that isn't an XDM instance

[Bug 5183] [FO] Effect of type promotion in fn:distinct-values

[Bug 5207] [XQuery] Accessing undefined static context base URI and XPST0001

[Bug 5212] [DM] Lingering uses of xdt prefix in appendix E

[Bug 5216] CVS view "annotate" links throw error 500

[Bug 5217] XQTSResults.xsl : allow inline HTML mark-up

[Bug 5224] [XQuery] Dynamic context in global variable initializers

[Bug 5235] [FO] 14.3 fn:namespace-uri:

[Bug 5246] [FO] 14.5 List numbering duplicated

[Bug 5251] [FO] Minimal match in starts-with(), ends-with()

[Bug 5254] Validate has inconsistent static and dynamic types

[Bug 5256] `Latest version' link misleading

[Bug 5260] CastAs180, CastAs217, CastAs218 expected error

[Bug 5261] [FO] errors in cast vs. construction

[Bug 5267] [DM] xs:dayTimeDuration and xs:yearMonthDuration are not primitive simple types

[Bug 5269] [XQueryX] No way to represent K2-NameTest-21 in XQueryX

[Bug 5270] Casting between NOTATION and QName

[Bug 5271] [FO] FORG0008 description wong in appendix C

[Bug 5275] 1.0.3dev: Constr-attr-id-2, Constr-compattr-id-2, K2-ComputeConAttr-48

[Bug 5278] [XSLT 2.0] Can xsl:message cause an error?

[Bug 5284] typo in 7.4.1 fn:concat

[Bug 5287] Typos in duration examples

[Bug 5288] [XQuery] XPST0005 and conditinoal expressions

[Bug 5290] Unclear meaning of "collation" in order-by clause

[Bug 5295] [XSLT 2.0] xsl:for-each-group: transitivity

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