[Bug 5269] [XQueryX] No way to represent K2-NameTest-21 in XQueryX


------- Comment #2 from davidc@nag.co.uk  2007-11-15 17:10 -------
It's actually surprising that it is a valid query, if you use the      
CompPIConstructor with "123ncname"
you get a dynamic error. However it's probably too late to say that it should
be a static error to do this on PITest, although it's a bit odd to insist that
only a string literal can be used, but then not to mandate any static checking
of that literal.

If Xquery can't be changed, then rather than just duplicate the problem into
xqueryx I'd just say that as processing-instruction("123ncname") is clearly
equivalent to () (or processing-instruction()[false()] if you prefer)
then the Xquery expressible in XqueryX so long as the translation from xquery
to xqueryx does "the right thing".

Personally I'd have preferred to have had a specified equivalence between
Xquery and XqueryX so one could actually decide whether a given XqueryX was
"equivalent" to an Xquery one, but that is an argument I lost in this forum
ages ago...


Received on Thursday, 15 November 2007 17:10:48 UTC