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[A11Y] Agenda of Accessibility TF meeting (Publishing CG): Thu, Oct 13, at 14 UTC

[a11y] Calendar for Accessibility TF meetings (October to December 2022)

[a11y] Minutes of Accessibility TF call (Publishing CG) held on Oct 13, 2022

[a11y] October 27 accessibility TF call (Publishing CG) is cancelled.

AW: [W3C Group Management] Taylor & Francis Group has nominated James Yanchak to Publishing Community Group

Event Updated: Publishing Community Group Meeting

Minutes of 10/19 Edu-TF meeting and Doodle Poll

Next Education Task Force meeting is 10/5/2022

Nomination deadline WIPO accessibility award nominations

PCG Ed-TF [MINUTES] meeting on 10/19

PCG Ed-TF meeting on 10/19

PCG Education Task Force 10/5/2022 Meeting Minutes

Proof of use of EPUB and Accessibility specification properties

Publishing Community Group Minutes 10/12/22

We have new member joining in!

Welcome to our Publsihing Community Group

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