PROV-DC Note ready for internal (final?) review

Hi all,
Kai and I have gone through the issues and we have given a pass through the
whole document.
I have reestructured it and now I think it reads better.
The latest version can be accessed at:

A detailed answer to the reviews made by Simon and Luc can be accessed here: (on the bottom of
the page)

The wiki page also summarizes the decissions over the main changes proposed
to the mapping.
All issues are now pending review. Once I get the confirmation from Simon
and Luc, I'll proceed to stage
the note.

@Ivan: I need to update 2 documents that are linked from the note (in
particular and
Both have changed a little bit). Who should I contact to do so?
The right versions can be accessed at


Received on Wednesday, 20 February 2013 17:20:32 UTC