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Dear James,

I have fixed the constraint test case XML files that did not follow the latest PROV-XML schema. There are two exceptions though:
- Some test cases with "DM" suffix: These can fail the schema validation because some required elements are intentionally removed.
- Some unification test cases broke a statement into 2-3 separate statements containing only part of the original once. As a result, they fail to validate the schema because some required elements are missing in these part statements. There are only two test cases in this category: unification-delegation-s3-PASS-c23.provx, unification-delegation-s4-PASS-c23.provx.
I only fixed those in the constraints sub-folder (i.e. the unit test cases). I'll wait until the conversion tool is update and will generate the test cases for the examples in PROV-DM and PROV-O again.
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Some of the PROV-XML versions of the test cases (.provx) are not valid with respect to the schema.  For example, in  unification-usage-s8-PASS-c23.provx, the "time" element in the usage record is in the wrong place.

I understand that the test cases / prov-xml exporter may have predated the current version of the schema.  Would it be possible to validate them and correct any that are not valid (with respect to the schema)?

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