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ETA on XSLT for POWDER to POWDER-S Toby A Inkster (Saturday, 27 September)

HTTP Link update Phil Archer (Wednesday, 24 September)

PROPOSED RESOLUTION on Arbitrary RDF in POWDER Phil Archer (Wednesday, 24 September)

Comment from Jo Rabin Phil Archer (Monday, 22 September)

LC Comment Herman Phil Archer (Monday, 22 September)

ERT WG comment on POWDER documents Shadi Abou-Zahra (Thursday, 18 September)

Blog post on metadata discovery Phil Archer (Tuesday, 16 September)

Warning sounded on web's future Alan Chuter (Monday, 15 September)

Opera Software last call comments Charles McCathieNevile (Monday, 15 September)

POWDER schema bug fix Smith, Kevin, \(R&D\) VF-Group (Friday, 12 September)

POWDER Processor v 0.1 Phil Archer (Thursday, 11 September)

Another typo on the DR doc (LC comment) Phil Archer (Thursday, 4 September)

Typo in DR doc (LC comment) Phil Archer (Thursday, 4 September)

Comments on POWDER semantics last call document Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 3 September)

Multiple display text/icons (treat as LC comment) Phil Archer (Tuesday, 2 September)

Error in Example 4.5 of DR doc (treat as LC comment) Phil Archer (Monday, 1 September)

Validator update Phil Archer (Monday, 1 September)

LC Comment on Primer Phil Archer (Monday, 1 September)

Slide Set: POWDER in a nutshell Phil Archer (Monday, 1 September)

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