Opera Software last call comments


these are a day late I think :(

1. We not think that POWDER is implementable if the "arbitrary RDF in  
POWDER" features, those marked at risk in the Formal Semantics Document,  
remain in the specification.

They are a serious barrier to making it worthwhile continuing our work, as  
they require a RDF parser in any POWDER-capable tool, rather than allowing  
simple POWDER authoring tools and making it feasible to have POWDER  
implementations running on devices of all kinds. Given that an important  
use case is for gaming machines, and other entertainment devices with  
internet access, and that these devices generally have much lower  
processing power than desktop computers (where it is feasible to run RDF  
processors), this would make POWDER somewhat pointless.

Removing the generalityof the format and maintaining it as a simple,  
well-defined XML format will make a significant difference to its  
implementability, and relevance to the Web.

2. We believe that the Link header is likely to be formalised, as it is  
implemented already and is not very complicated. Therefore we suggest that  
this feature remain.



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